Sunday, February 24, 2013

Get Engaged with NEARPOD!

Today's bloggers are Lauren Cooper, 1st grade PBL teacher, and Brook Busse, elementary eLearning coach, both from Plymouth Community Schools.

To be honest when I first heard about Nearpod I thought to myself, “This sounds great, but I don’t have time to create these presentations.” As I began investigating, I found that the lessons are actually VERY easy to create. In fact, if you have a presentation already created through Keynote or Powerpoint it can be uploaded right into the Nearpod website!

What I Love:
Nearpod allows me to focus my learners on a single task. Students can’t advance ahead or fall behind. I control the information that is available. With young learners, it is an easy and efficient way to share websites and youtube videos without having students navigate to other pages, many times getting lost in the process.

Nearpod allows for instant feedback on student understanding. I can create slides that allow for students to write, draw, or choose a multiple choice answer to check for understanding. Nearpod gives me the option to keep this information private or share the response of a student with those viewing the presentation. By doing this learners are then given the opportunity to justify and/or explain their response with their classmates. It is also great to show exemplar answers with the learners.

ENGAGEMENT! My students LOVE Nearpod. It allows for them to interact and share their learning. When learning and exploring through Nearpod, I don’t have to ask learners to stay on the correct page and or direct them to a certain webpage. My students are engaged and ready to learn.

Nearpod is set up in a way that makes it very easy to share and collaborate with other teachers in creating new presentations. The company is also looking to improve and enhance their product. As you begin using Nearpod please feel free to contact them with questions, ideas, problems, or praise. FEEDBACK

Lauren Cooper
1st Grade PBL Teacher
Washington Discovery Academy (PCSC)


I first heard about Nearpod on Twitter. Everyone was talking about how awesome it was, so I checked it out and immediately pictured it being used in our elementary classrooms to improve instruction and gain instant student feedback. To begin with I shared this tool with only a few teachers to see what they thought. After trying it out with their students, they too could see what Nearpod had to offer. The students were ENGAGED in the learning, teachers could easily check for understanding throughout the lesson and adjust their instruction with the feedback they got from their students.

Within a NPP (NearPod Presentation), you can include the following interactive features:
*Poll, Q/A, Quiz
*Browse the Internet
*Draw it

Below is a graphic and a link to a short video to help you understand how Nearpod works:

(Teacher has to use an iPad to control presentation.)

Click here to watch a video on how it works!!

PCSC has the School Edition of Nearpod, which allows for the sharing of NPPs (Gold Version does also). We have been organizing the NPPs created by our teachers into our very own PCSC Nearpod Library. Check it out here:

Are you NOT an iPad school?? Don't worry...the school edition includes the web version where students can access the NPPs from any computer browser!!

Brook Busse
Elementary eLearning Coach
Plymouth Community Schools

The Challenge:
Create a Nearpod presentation and share it out on Twitter! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #INeLearn!

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  1. Thank you for this post! I've been wanting to look into Near Pod with our school going to 1-to-1 iPads next year and this makes the transition a bit less scary. With the multitude of new things to try out there, it's nice to know what is already successful for others that I can implement without much worry! Much appreciated. Keep up the great work!