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Our guest blogger today is Deb Gaff, PRISM Educational Liaison. 

PRISM is excited to be a participant on the Indiana Digital Learning Blog! PRISM is an acronym for Portal Resources for Indiana Math and Science. In 2003 PRISM was started as a database of digital resources for Indiana Math and Science middle level teachers and learners. Over the past 10 years we have grown! You will now find digital resources for all STEM subjects for grades kindergarten through 12th. All of our resources are mapped to the Indiana and Common Core State Standards. We are hosted by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Resources can be found by browsing the list of almost 4,000 quality resources, searching by standard, grade, technology used or key word. Teachers using PRISM find resources they can use in their classroom to make learning engaging and relevant for their students.

Tammy Beck - Sarah Scott Middle School, Terre Haute, Indiana
PRISM site for Pi Day
"I use PRISM as a resource by keyword search according to concept or CCS Standards. Whatever topic is being discussed in my class, I search by keyword to find a fun activity that my students will find interesting and that can be conformed to apply with my own ideas of presenting a lesson. "
For example, on or around March 14, “Pi day” Tammy uses the PRISM to find activities for her classroom.

PRISM Materials Finder

PRISM has resources for the one-to-one classroom or for the one computer classroom. 
Are you thinking about trying project-based learning? Enter PBL in the search window. Need a hands-on activity for science class?  Enter hands-on in the search window.  Best of all keep checking back to see what is new as we are always updating our database with great finds. 

PRISM members also receive a monthly newsletter. We let you know about great new resources we have found on the web. STEM resources are featured as well as Apps and Web 2.0 links to engaging sites that are suitable for any course you might be teaching.  

If you need a Learning Management System for your digital resources PRISM can help you with that as well.  PRISM offers FREE Moodle hosting for K12 teachers. Simply create a membership ID for the site and you can use PRISM resources for your Moodle courses. You will find that we are always using the current version of Moodle and provide a safe and secure learning environment within our courses. Teachers can step into Moodle by implementing one feature at a time. You can use as many Moodle features as you like with your students!

Bill Wilkinson - Honey Creek Middle School, Terre Haute, Indiana
I primarily use PRISM to give my students their unit tests. Before the test, this saves the time and fuss of using paper. During the test, it takes less time for students to take, I can correct errors on the test instantly, plus students can focus better on the questions because they are only shown 1 question at a time. Then minutes after the test, when everyone has finished, I allow students to immediately look and see how they did, while this is most relevant.

Would you like to learn more about Moodle? Sign onto the PRISM site and click on Event Registration.  PRISM runs online Moodle courses throughout the year. You can earn professional growth plan points for participation. At the end of each course you are ready to begin using what you have learned with your students. You will always have access to Moodle tutorials customized for PRISM’s Moodle. Click the tutorials link on the right side of the PRISM page. Additionally, we provide on-going support. If you have a question about Moodle or anything else on the PRISM site click on the Contact Us link in the top right corner of our page

Thinking about flipping your classroom? Create a Moodle course and add PRISM resources your students can use independently to deepen their understanding of the course content.

Find PRISM on Facebook as well - Resources and cool news you can use are posted daily on our Facebook page.

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The Challenge:
Explore the digital resources on the PRISM site and share your favorite! Let us know how you will use the resources in your classroom.

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