Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Creating Digital Portfolios with EduClipper

Our blogger today is Sara Hunter, a STEM Coach for Zionsville Community Schools.

eduClipper has become my unsung hero of digital portfolio tools, and with the latest app updates it deserves a place on the podium!  For those of you who love the look and feel of Pinterest, Adam Bellow's EduClipper provides a similar style of clipping content to an EduClipBoard or a Portfolio.  There's a great teacher-to-teacher social aspect of sharing and connecting through clipped content, as well as practical and sensible use in the classroom.

EduClipper for Teachers
Web or app based, teachers can easily create a class and upload student accounts or students can join using a class code.  Teachers can create assignment boards which students then clip to, adding their content via web, Google Drive, or an upload.  For specific assignments, teachers can clip content to the board, like related readings, relevant websites, or uploaded documents.  The assignment boards are also fully teacher moderated for visibility as well as feedback.  Video, audio and text are embedded feedback options for assignments.  

The iPad app also allows feedback for video, audio and text, as well as assigning a letter grade and awarding badges.  The badge feature is great for younger students, with a variety of badge icons and editable badge titles.  It's nice to see the variety of embedded feedback features where teachers can record themselves providing critical feedback for students, beyond just the text capacity.  

eduClipper for Students
What I love most about eduClipper are the annotation features within the app.  Teaching students to curate their digital content is essential, and having annotation tools makes it all the better.  The app allows content to be clipped from the web, camera roll, camera (still or video), Google Drive, and Dropbox and then provides text and drawing annotation features.  Yes, you read that right.  No more app-mashing to get all the annotation in one place, eduClipper does it all!

Creating an eduClip from AdamBellow on Vimeo.

Students can also create Portfolios, showcasing their work, projects, ideas, etc. both web based or via iPad. There are many personalization options within the layout design and the content which can be clipped from multiple sources.  Just imagine student created portfolios showcasing their best writing, for example, and then guiding constructive peer review of the portfolios.  The potential is terrific with providing students the opportunity to truly curate their own portfolio of work.

How do you envision eduClipper supporting student curation in your classroom or setting?  Happy clipping!

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