Thursday, February 20, 2014


Our blog post today is provided by Kim Hendrick, eLearning & Marketing Specialist at the Indiana Online Academy.

Discovering, implementing, and training on eLearning tools that can transform and redefine learning is part of my job but it is also my passion.  While at the iNACOL Blended & Online Learning Symposium in Orlando, FL, I attended a session that introduced me to  I have to admit that I was a little impressed when I saw its functionality and how it syncs with Google Drive or can be exported to Evernote.  Then the ideas started to flow with how it might be utilized for the classroom and professional development opportunities for teachers and students. allows you to take notes with a video from Coursera, Udacity, edX, Khan Academy, Vimeo, and YouTube.   

If you are logged into Google, the will automatically connect and save to your Google Drive. 

All you have to do to get started is create a free account.  Once you log in just give your note a title, post the URL for the video you are going to watch, and start taking live notes in the note section.  The notes will automatically sync to the video and will have a hot link with the time stamp.  This allows the viewer to easily jump to that specific section of the video. For my example, I use a Ted talk of Sir Ken Robinson titled Bring on the Learning Revolution.  

I am always inspired after listening to his message.  As you can see, my notes are to the right of the video and sync back to that specific section.  After I have listened to the entire video, I can choose to share it through Google or export it to Evernote. 

Saving and Sharing in Google

This is the easiest way to save and share your  All you have to do is select the share button at the top and you will get the Google sharing options just like you do for all your other Google apps.  You can share the link, email, or share on social media.  Depending on how you want the recipient to interact with the, you can set it to view only or edit. 
Exporting to Evernote

I came across the video below  that shows how easily you can export screenshots and your to Evernote.  This would be a great way for online and blended learning students who are using Khan Academy or Coursera to take notes and screenshots and send directly to Evernote.  This is such an easy tool to use for adults and students.  

Ideas for using
  1. Flipped professional development - administrator sets up using a video from YouTube and types in questions during specific sections of the video.  This is shared out to the staff via Google.  Each educator answers the questions types in how he/she could incorporate the concept. Administrator can view the shared to see collaboration.
  2. Students could use this and take sceen shots of hard concepts to understand while taking live notes then export to their Evernote account as a study guide.
  3. Teacher or students could demonstrate good note taking skills and project onto a whiteboard.
  4. Students could critique student produced videos in teams and make suggestions in the note section for specific parts of the video. 
  5. Teachers could use as a rubric and provide specific feedback during parts of student produced videos. 
What are your ideas? 

I hope you will consider using this free tool to help you redefine your practice with students or other educators.  The possibilities are endless and this is a great tool for the classroom and for professional development.  

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  1. Great resource to use both in the classroom and for professional development. Thanks for showing how easy it is.