Thursday, February 6, 2014

Flashcard Stash

Our blog post today is provided by Maria Sellers, eLearning Specialist at South Vermillion Community Schools.

Flashcard Stash

We all seek new ways to provide learning and review opportunities for students. There exists a wealth of apps that can provide such opportunities. What happens if you do not have a device that will support all of those apps? Thankfully, Quizlet and Flashcard Stash provide website versions of their wonderful flashcard and review apps. Flashcard Stash offers basic flashcard stacks as well as review games. The best part is that you are building all of these terms over a dictionary. While searching for terms your definition most often appears for you to select! Less work!!!! allows you to create a teacher account and subsequently create classes. You can embed the invitation on your website or email students your invitation to join. 

On the main page, you can then select the class for which you want to make a set of flashcards. 

Inside the class you have several options. 

To create a list, choose create list. You will then be prompted to provide a Name for the list as well as related tags.

Your next step is to add terms. I love this feature as you can choose the correct definition or add your own if it is not available. You can also categorize it as noun, verb, adverb, etc. 

After selecting the proper definition you can add pictures from Wikipedia or Flickr. At times I need to be creative with the words I search. If I would add a music term which is Italian it is wise to search the translated English term. After you add the picture, be sure to SAVE each term. 

Your terms will be generated in a list as you work. 

Once the flashcards have been saved and completed students may go to learn and play games. Unlike Quizlet, there are only three games. However, I have found that students will play games multiple times to achieve a specific score or beat their friend. One of our teachers does require that students complete games in a specific amount of time thus providing for the needed repetition. 



Students then choose practice mode after learning terms. They are prompted with a choice to use images or definitions. I found it helpful to start with images and then definitions. 

In the game mode, students can choose picture or definition mode. They can race for time as well! 



While Quizlet offers more options, I feel Flashcard Stash is a great option for elementary and early middle school students. Additionally, this could be great for some high school students who need simple repetition as well.

Additional Features

- Embed Code to Add flashcards into your website. Easy access for parents!

- Flashcard Stash offers a search plug in for Internet Explorer and Firefox

- Flashcard Stash offers an extensive list of FAQs with thorough answers.


Create an account and start using Flashcard Stash today. How will you use this in your classroom?

Maria Sellers
South Vermillion Community Schools
eLearning Specialist


  1. The game options for students look to be engaging--can't wait to give it a try!

  2. I think this would be a WAY more effective way to do vocabulary, versus having students copy the definition from a book. I remember those days...writing definitions and not even taking ANY thought into what I just wrote. Making them decide which definition matches and even putting a picture with it will give it so much more meaning!

  3. This is a great resource, especially for a BYOD school, or for students who do not have 1:1, along with traditional 1:1 classrooms, thanks for sharing!