Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fun, Friends, and Feedback with Student Response Systems

Our blogger today is Dan Gibson, Technology Integration and eLeaning Specialist from Tri-Creek School Corporation.  

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Students are accustomed to interactive content and instant feedback from video games, television, websites, and other forms of media.  Why not bring video game design concepts into the classroom.  To steal a concept from Gabe Zichermann, teachers can easily capitalize on the three F's found in most gamified systems.  These three F's are:
  1. Fun,
  2. Friends, and 
  3. Feedback.
One way to engage students with the Three F's is to provide everyone with an interactive tool, like a student response system.  School districts can purchase a set of student response clickers, but I wouldn't recommend it.  These classroom tools are obsolete.  Instead, use the web-based tools shared within this post to:
  • Rate a student's current understanding of new learning
  • Provide students with instant feedback
  • Analyze and reflect on a student's efforts around the learning
  • Provide feedback to teachers on an instructional strategy
  • Provide feedback about the materials and teaching


Kahoot! has been my favorite game-based student response system since the EdGamer 94 podcast shared this tool with Co-Founder, Lead Designer, and Kahoot! evangelist Jamie Brooker.  Kahoot! allows multiple players (students) to engage in multiple-choice quizzes, open-ended discussions, or surveys in a fun game-like format.  With quizzes, students earn points based on correct answers and response time, a leaderboard is displayed after each question, and students are interacting with the projection screen, device, and their classmates.  Kahoot! truly promotes the Three F's found in most games.  Just watch this student' excitement level reach the fiero moment as described by Jane McGonigal.  If you want to try out Kahoot!, take a look at the following resources: 


ExitTicket is a new one for me, but completely worth the time it takes to learn this tool.  With that said, I think ExitTicket is slightly more difficult to use than Kahoot!; however, that is merely my opinion.  Where as Kahoot! can be plain-old-dopamine-producing fun, ExitTicket is geared more for the data-driven and analytical teacher/administrator.  The reports and visual graphs are stunning and definitely worth using with the data-driven classrooms of today.

ExitTicket is free for classroom use, but some advanced features cost money.  Nicely enough, ExitTicket displays an easy-to-understand chart with the benefits and differences between a free/paid account on their website.   There are individual student reports, whole class reports, and district level reports (with the paid program).  With a district-level plan, classroom data can even be synced with a school's student information system (i.e. PowerSchool, Illuminate, and others).  Check out ExitTicket i you want to collect student data, provide instant feedback, and create an engaging classroom environment.  The following video provides a great overview on getting started with ExitTicket.

Additional Web-based Response Systems

  1. Socrative - Socrative is one of the first options I used with my students.  But, it is lacking personality nowadays and needs a boost, which is why the updated Beta Version is needed. 
  2. InfuseLearning - InfuseLearning is a great student response system.  It allows multiple types of quick response questions, quizzes, and includes a drawing feature!  Students can take the assessments online, and translate the quiz for an ESL student, or it will also read the quiz to students who have that need.
  3. GoClass - With GoClass teachers can create lessons to broadcast through their iPad, which can then project specified content to student devices and the projector screen.  So, while students are within class, teachers can send them images, webpages, video, documents, and questions to interact with on their tablet, smart phone, or laptop.  Basically, it is more than a student response system and amplifies the amount of students interaction in the class.  
  4. Google Forms - Google Forms is another website that can be used to create an online area to collect student responses.  Then, publish the results for students to see their responses and their classmates' responses.  
  5. TodaysMeet and SimpleMeet are two greet examples of backchannel communication tools that promote student response and interaction within class.  

Final Thoughts

With the use of web-based response systems, teachers can essentially level the playing field.   In the classroom, many students are too intimidated to share in a traditional lecture-based classroom.  With a response system, students can share freely with the class through these different forms of online communication. For me, it was intimidating to speak up and participate in a face-to-face classroom setting, and to say the least I was a reluctant sharer. When I took my first online course, I felt free to share and participate in the online discussion forums.  Of course, there are other more elaborate online communication tools, but the student response tools listed below can make the classroom more interactive and provide students with instant feedback.

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Participate! I created a challenge for using these tools in the classroom.  There are two challenges: One to comment with your classroom ideas, and the other to share how you used these tools in the classroom using the #INeLearn hashtag.


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