Tuesday, February 18, 2014

gClass Folders...Putting Google To Work For You!

Our blogger today is Nate Schmidt, Technology Integrator at Western School Corporation.

If your school is a Google Apps for Education school then you already know that you have the greatness of Google at your fingertips (*disclaimer, I am not being paid by Google to say any of this...I just really love what their apps can do and have done for education).  You have access to Gmail, Google Calendars, Sites, Google Drive/Docs, etc.  The focus of my post today is going to be gClass Folders which is a totally free script run from Google Spreadsheets within Google Drive. This script allows you to create a set of folders for each of your students quickly and easily.  After you do a few easy steps for set up and run the script, you will instantly share a folder for viewing, a folder for editing and a folder for turning in work for each student.  I will get into the uses and benefits of this script, but first check out this short video by Ryan Birch of an overview on how easy it is to run this script.

After running this script you can now easily share all information/assignments digitally; essentially eliminating the paper trail of passing out assignments, collecting the work, grading the work, passing it back only to have most students discard it as trash.  The organization that this creates for the teacher and the student is amazing.  Each teacher can essentially have a folder for each class and when they click on that folder they will find a folder for each student that has their work turned into it. This has been a huge help for classrooms that have embraced technology during our first year as a 1:1 school.  The classrooms that have used this script have really had only positive things to say about it and in future PD sessions/Summer Training Sessions will focus on getting more and more of our staff members to start using this exciting and FREE tool from Google.  

One way we have made set up a little easier at our school is to create a report from our student information system (Skyward) that exports the students' names and email addresses into an Excel file.  This way the entry of names and email addresses is as easy as copy and paste!  gClass Folders really can help organize and increase efficiency for any classroom!

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Are you in a Google school? Have your tried gClass Folders? How do you use it, or want to use it, in your classroom?


  1. Great blog! Teachers are always asking about ways to turn things in digitally. This seems perfect!

  2. Best. Blog. Ever. Very informative and helpful. This guy knows what he is talking about!