Saturday, February 1, 2014

Get Organized with Symbaloo

Welcome to day #1 of the 2014 28-Day Web 2.0 Challenge. Before you read the first post, be sure to follow the blog by email (to the right) so that you will be notified each day when there is a new blog post. Also, visit the Indiana Digital Learning Month web page to learn about the other digital learning month events.

Our first blog post of the month is provided by Shelley Breivogel, a 2nd grade teacher at Soctt Elementary in Evansville Vanderburgh School Coporation.

As you start the 28-day web 2.0 challenge, I hope to show you how to use SymbalooEdu to curate your new resources.  In the past you were able to bookmark your favorite sites.  Today, we are living in an era of content abundance, making it necessary to master the art of curation.  Using Symbaloo to store your new tools will be very beneficial because your files can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

While there are many digital curation tools out there, I have found SymbalooEdu offers more benefits and features.  Symbaloo is committed to educators and is free!  SymbalooEdu allows you to organize your content, in  a meaningful way and all around a specific topic.  You will be managing all your resources in one place.  It is easy to use SymbalooEdu.  Let's get you started!

Go to and click on Sign Up.


Sign up for a free account!


After signing up, you will need to check your email for notification from Symbaloo to verify your account.  Once you verify, you can go to and click Login.


Your new Symbaloo comes with a preset Webmix.  Each file-folder tab, across the top, can represent a different category of resources which Symbaloo calls a Webmix.

To create your own Webmix, click on the white "+" symbol in the upper right hand portion of the screen.


Under Add an Empty Webmix make "28-Day Challenge" your title and click Add.


Now you are ready to start saving the new resources you will be learning about in your 28-Day Challenge!  Let's get started by creating your first tile.  Click inside any box.


Click Create a Tile.


Type the website address that you would like to add.  


Then click inside Name on Tile and add the title Learning Lab.  You will also want to make sure you check the box next to the title so that your text will show and choose a color for your tile.

Now you're ready to choose an icon or image.  
Click on Choose Icon.  Select the icon you would like to use.  Change the Text Color to white.
Click Save.


Your first webmix is ready to go!  
Continue adding a tile for each new resource you learn about in the 28-Day Challenge.


I've created a webmix that includes many useful links to tutorials and guides.  
It also includes examples showcasing how other educators have implemented SymbalooEdu

 As you reflect, I challenge you to think about ways this web curation tool can be used to impact your classroom.  

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Shelley! I love using Symbaloo for my computer desktop. Easy visual access to all the sites I go to frequently.