Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy Digital Learning Day!

Happy Digital Learning Day! If you would like to see what events are happening at the national level, check out the Digital Learning Day website. 

Blogging for us today is Kris Gordon, Innovation, Curriculum, and Technology Specialist (ICATS) with the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.

Digital Learning is all about communicating information to each other.  Today's digital learning is about how teachers can communicate easily with students and parents!

Remind 101 is a simple and easy to use communication tool for teachers, parents and students!  As a teacher, have you ever forgotten to tell your students something before they left your class that they need to have before the next day?  Have you ever wanted to send a friendly reminder to students about an upcoming quiz or field-trip?  What about that assignment that you postponed or the reference they need?  Well, Remind 101 gives you a simple way to get the message into the hands of students and parents immediately.

Since students are rarely without their phones, why not just text them?  Well, there are lots of reasons... many school districts prohibit the sharing of contact information between students and teachers, this can become an issue.  Maybe because you were concerned about the safety of having students cell phone numbers, or them having yours....  Remind 101 solves these issues.

Using Remind 101 teachers can create an account and set up classes.  Then all you need to do is send an invitation to your parents and students through email or verbally.  They sign up by sending one simple text message to your Remind101 account and that's it!  Using this system allows you to send a text message to all those signed up in Remind 101.  You do not need to know the student or parent phone numbers and they don't need to know yours!  Remind 101 keeps all that information private, yet allows simple one way communication from the teacher.  Take a look at this quick video to see what Remind 101 is all about!

Remind 101 isn't just for middle and high school students either!  My son's pre-school uses it to notify parents of field trips, school pictures, snow day closings and other information.  Check out the latest messages from my son's school (left).

With all the communication tools out there, this one rises to the top because of how simple and secure it is.  Teachers can have up to 10 different classes in Remind 101 and each class can have an unlimited number of students and parents enrolled in it.

Remind 101 comes in many formats.  There is an iOS app for your iPhone or iPad, Android apps for both teachers and students, and of course the web access version @

Remind 101 is an awesome tool, but don't take my word for it....   Check out this video from Clintondale High School (below).

Your Challenge:  If you would like to start sending safe and secure text messages to your students and parents.....  Sign up for a free account and get started  Otherwise, let us know what you think and how this could be used in a creative way in your classroom!

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  1. I use Remind101 for my academic team. I also have a friend who uses it with her students, and in some cases, they got school closing info from her before they heard from the school.

    I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Founders of Remind 101, Brett Kopf, when he was at eRev and also at ISTE. And, they just got a $15 million investment from a Silicon Valley firm.