Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Heart Blendspace

Today's blogger is Callie Hoppes, an eLearning Coach/Mentor with MSD of Warren Township.

As a teacher and learner,


This year, MSD Warren Township launched a one-to-one program with Google Chromebooks. One of the first websites I explored with my students was Blendspace. Many websites have crossed our educational paths since those warm, sunny August days; but Blendspace remains one of our favs!

Blendspace is a free web tool for teachers and students. It helps to collect resources all in one place to form a bundled, interactive lesson. You can easily pull educational resources from different web based tools such as EduCreations, Flickr, YouTube, Google Drive, etc. This is done with just a quick drag and drop.

You can use these resources to create quick, useful, interactive lessons that you can share with students, or colleagues. This is done with one easy click on the share button. Need to insert a Google doc? No problem. Need a quick check for understanding, or an exit ticket? No problem, make a quiz and insert it in minutes.
I feel that Blendspace is the perfect tool to organize the overwhelming amount of digital content that is available to us as educators, and to our students.

Below are two links to Blendspaces. The first link is a Blendspace created by me in less than 20 minutes. It is based on finding the main idea. The second link is a Blendspace students collaborated on as we raised Monarch Caterpillars this past fall.

*I have one student that has 63 Blendspaces she has created(mostly at home in her free time)! 

Are you ready to get started? 

Below is an informative 7-minute video to walk you through account set up and the nut and bolts of Blendspace. 

I think you will be quickly impressed at how easy Blendspace is to use.

 The possibilities in the classroom are endless! Good luck and happy blending! :)

How will you use Blendspace with your students?

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