Friday, February 7, 2014

InstaGrok and Other Search Engines You'll Love!

Today's blogger is Amanda Hoagland, Technology Integration Specialist with the Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock.

Research projects and activities are a wonderful way to encourage higher-order thinking skills and get students personally connected with the content of the curriculum.  You and your students can use these great tools for quick lessons such as introducing a new topic to the class or for more involved projects.

You'll love InstaGrok!  InstaGrok is a visual search engine that takes your research topic and puts it into a fun, interactive map format.  Your search will populate a variety of hits including facts, links, and videos.  InstaGrok gives students an interactive approach to research.  Register for your free account or sign in with your Google mail account.  The paid version of InstaGrok offers users even more options.
Once you and your students register for a free account, you can take notes and pin sites or images.  This site also offers a search history so that you can come back to projects later.  InstaGrok is also an application that is available in the Edmodo App Store, Google Apps Marketplace, and is available as an iPad app as well.

Other Search Engines You'll Love

Try KidRex, a safe search for kids.  This kids' search engine is a great way to narrow down a search for even the youngest researcher.  It really helps compile a list of easy to read resources for the younger grades.

Are you in need of an app but you don't know where to look?  Check out Quixey.  Search for math, science, or other apps for your classroom.  There are millions of iOS apps that are available.  Quixey helps you to narrow it down.

Try one of these search engines the next time you need to "Google" something or have your students use them. Let us know what you think or how you and your students are using them.

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