Friday, February 14, 2014


Blogging for us today is Bill Gumula, eLearning Coach with Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation.

Know ThingLink? Want to take it up another notch? How about creating videos that were taggable using nothing more than an approved YouTube video? As you can see in the screenshot TheMadVideo allows you to add interactive "bubbles" to your YouTube videos that link the user to related content. This is the perfect tool for allowing your students to do two things.

First and foremost it allows your student to take a short video, one that contains simply an outline of ideas on a topic, and then flush it out with details. Much like a thesis statement and subsequent supporting details and facts students can do the same with video. Starting with a very brief YouTube video and then tagging it with facts and information they ultimately create a picture of their overall depth of knowledge of a topic.

Second, and implicit in the paragraph above, is that your students are required to do web research. While you can add a tag containing only your own text, the power of the tool is to link web-based information. Your students have the opportunity to explore the Internet for resources on their topic, and most importantly, evaluate each resource for validity. Remember that digital citizenship is the job of every teacher in every lesson - embedded right into the instruction. They then simply click on a tag type in TheMadVideo, insert their link, tweak the way they want it to look, and click insert.

The final fantastic feature is that the video player pauses whenever you hover over a tag, so you can obtain additional information without losing out on part of the video. This also allows for student presentations as they can hover to pause their video to explain their links, or even to share some of them as part of their presentation.

One Caveat... we found when working with our school filter it was easier for the students to find their videos on YouTube (Education Version) and then paste the link into TheMadVideo. This made sure that the video would work within website. The website will allow you to search for videos right on the site, but this is not recommended as sometimes unfiltered results come through.

This is a terrific web tool that you should really investigate. Students really enjoy working with the site and using it to demonstrate their knowledge. Check it out, and should you have questions feel free to reach out to me and I would be happy to assist in any way I can. My twitter handle is @elearngumula and email is bill.gumula(at) Feel free to reach out!

Check out this terrific sample MadVideo put together by the folks at TheMadVideo after we partnered with them to be one of the first educational institutions in the country (that they know of) to utilize this tool within the classroom. As you will see, the event made the news.

In what ways do you see MadVideo being useful in your classroom?

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