Saturday, February 14, 2015

Flipping Your Class with

Today's blogger is Alissa Smith, third grade teacher at Hoosier Academy.

I have been adopting the flipped classroom model and making it my own for several years. I have made YouTube videos and sent them as support, additional resources to send to students struggling on a topic, or to review information. This year I have started grow and use the flipped model more for its intended purposes; using has been a key resource in this process.

Not only does offer free professional development for the flipped model and other tech tools, sometimes they'll send you a t-shirt and certificate upon completion. also houses your flipped lessons in a user friendly way.

This year, I have started using the flipped model to introduce  new topics to my students. We call it the 'BIG idea' for for the week. Students are asked to watch the video, visit other optional resources if needed and take the short quiz for practice before coming to class on Monday and as many times as needed throughout the week. This helps students obtain new information at home and allows us to move straight to practice during class time (as opposed to completing practice at home for homework). Time spent with students can now help them focus on applying their knowledge. I have done this in a kindergarten classroom with ABC videos and songs to help them practice at home and in third grade with comprehension strategies. You can create a classroom on Sophia and manage it or simply use it to house your lessons with more explanation than a video alone.

When you are finished with your tutorial, you will be able to create a code to embed the tutorial on your class website to house all of your flipped lessons in one place for your families.

To see examples of my flipped lessons, check out my class webpage:

Remember to make the flipped model support what you need in the classroom from additional support, help with Study Island topics, or extra practice to prepping students for the upcoming week.

Happy Flipping! 

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