Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Today's blogger is Callie Hoppes. Callie is a second grade Excel teacher at Lakeside Elementary, MSD Warren Township.

As I'm writing this blog, I am watching the Grammy Awards with my family on my dad's 82nd birthday. I'm inspired by all the great music, new and old. I love things that inspire me. Music inspires me, my dad inspires me, teaching inspires me, my students inspire me, technology inspires me. I also love finding new technology that inspires me and last year I found a few web tools that did just that. One was so inspiring, I wrote a grant for every student in my school to own the advanced version of the program. I did this because I wanted everyone to have access to this great resource. This inspiring web tool is called storyboardthat.com. 

The educational website storyboardthat.com is a fun and simple way for students to think critically and creatively. storyboardthat has a free version that serves most purposes. For a minimal fee per student, the advanced storyboardthat account offers many great features. It is perfectly simple to use and my second grade students became pros after only a few days.

Students can create storyboards for many different purposes. Our favorite assignment right now is to create storyboards that summarize books we are reading. After they are created, students can record their voice retelling the summarization they have created. We then share these whole class, or within cooperative groups. This sparks good class discussion as we are learning from each other. Lastly, I can print their storyboards, grade them and then send them home to be shared.

I have also been impressed with the great technical support that is offered. Aaron Sherman, the CEO of storyboardthat, is readily available to take your call and help you with any questions you may have.   

Get inspired, get to know storyboardthat.com!

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