Friday, February 20, 2015

Google Classroom: Helping Teachers go Paperless

Our blog post today is by Laura Lee, 5th Grade Teacher at Chapelwood Elementary School in MSD of Wayne Township.

As teachers, we all know too well the overwhelming feeling we get when that stack of papers starts to pile up and the essays need graded.

With Google Classroom, these will be feelings of the past. Google Classroom is everything a teacher could want to assign, manage, edit, grade, and collect assignments from your students quickly, easily, and efficiently.

Check out this overview of Google Classroom. At the end it says, "Coming Soon," but it is already here!

Students love it because everything is organized in one place. Teachers love it because you easily create anything in Drive and have Google Classroom make a copy for each student with their name in the title. No paper copies, paper jams, or time wasted at the copy machine! Teachers can also post announcements, links to other websites, or helpful videos. Students can comment with questions or helpful tips. The teacher can collaborate with students through Classroom just as they would through Drive, but students no longer have to share it with you. The teacher’s shared folder is no longer a long messy list.

Teachers can assign due dates, and when students are finished, all they have to do is click on “Turn In”. Then, teachers see a list of who has turned each assignment in and who hasn’t. If you think the student has room for improvement, you can push it back to them with comments, have the student fix it, and turn it in again.

Feedback for students is important to their learning, and with Classroom, students can share their work with peers for collaboration. You as the teacher can also provide instant feedback while your students are working. All of this is paperless and organized.

Google Classroom is even easy to set up! Once you set up your Classroom, you will have a unique classroom code. Students just have to type this in to join. So, you don’t have to worry about typing individual student names.

I encourage you to create your first Google Classroom today!

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