Monday, February 16, 2015

Green Screen Technology Across the Curriculum

Today's blog is written by Libby Ritchie, Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Teacher at Wapahani High School, Liberty-Perry Community School Corporation.

Two years ago, I decided to make a career change and move from high school counselor back to the classroom. I taught for 10 years and was a school counselor for 9 years. Being away from the classroom for 9 years meant that a lot had changed in the business/technology arena. Instead of counting credits and worrying myself to pieces about students’ academic achievements, I found myself worrying about our website and changes that needed to be made as we were representing our school and community through this medium. I have spent many hours learning software and trying to figure out how things work. Once we got some updated software and I had some awesome students to assist with the website, we started our journey on updating the site.

One of our goals for the website was to get more people to visit and see what good things are happening at our schools. I showed my students some videos on YouTube of what some schools were doing with school news shows. After a lot of discussion, we decided to do a show we call “WapWeekly” where we can showcase current school news, a student of the week, a feature teacher, and a fun “Minute to Win It” type of game to get students, parents, community members and even Alumni to watch.

I researched what could make this show look good to our audience and decided to try a green screen app called Veescope Live. We covered one wall with green construction paper, taught ourselves how to use the app, and off we went! We got some positive feedback from Alumni from all over the US and have worked hard to make the show better each episode.

Veescope Live is a very simple app to use. You simply pick your background image or video, upload it to the app, and within a few clicks on the iPad, we can create an atmosphere where kids are in a hurricane, checking out the tunnel where Princess Diana was killed in a car accident, or hanging out on a beach while never leaving the classroom of Wapahani HS.

I have implemented this app into some of my other courses as well, which has led to students of all ages installing the app and coming down to my room to create videos or pictures for projects in other classes. I have been able to do some team teaching and the excitement of this simple app has even led to our administrators creating a welcome video to our schools and corporation, where we can show off what our students are actually doing in classes and in our school.

CLICK HERE to view this year's WapWeekly shows, using our green screen and Veescope Live app.


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