Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Time-Lapse INeLearn Instagram Takeover

Today's blogger, Lance Yoder is a Technology Integration Specialist for East Noble School Corporation.

When East Noble found out about the INeLearn Instagram Takeover, we were quick to volunteer as it provided quite an opportunity to display students using technology to transform their learning experience. It was exciting as students were using their iPads to create fun responses with apps such as Chatterpix and Shadow Puppet, and I could document the entire experience using PicPac on my Android phone. Instagram only allows for 15 second videos, but creating a time-lapse allowed for the recording of an entire lesson within the time constraint. My opportunity to share took place on February 10th.

I’ve been encouraging my primary grade teachers to utilize their iPads by having students record book reviews with Shadow Puppet and have a class collection in Google Drive. Back in my days of being a 4th-grade teacher, it consumed a lot of time for students to create and share book reviews. Having each student that shared stand in front of the class when it was time to present is not efficient. With the implementation of the iPad, everyone can share in the experience simultaneously. We are using Google Drive to upload items to a shared folder. However, I’ve used other resources, such as in the same manner.

Here are some fun samples my first graders at Rome City Elementary produced during my time working with them:

I wanted to document my working with students, but who really wants to watch a 20-30 minute video of me teaching? (That and you only get 15 seconds on Instagram.) PicPac is a free app for Android that will create stop-motion and time-lapse videos. I purchased the “pro features” to get a better-exported product. The free version only allows a resolution up to 360p verses 1080p for the pro features. Here is how it works:


The first class I worked with was Ms. Zolman’s first grade at Rome City Elementary. The students were very curious as to why I was setting up my phone in the back of the room before launching my lesson. Using time-lapse would obviously be a fun way to give parents a glimpse into the classroom. Students would be fully capable of creating these experiences for the teacher.

Mrs. Huelsenbeck is the Media Specialist at Rome City. She read a book about Penguins aloud to the students and wanted a way for them to record facts and opinions.. I decided to record the event and help the students as they work with their iPads.

Time-lapse videos are a lot of fun, and the community enjoyed watching them as I was able to post the links to the school district’s social media accounts. Though my day to participate in the INeLearn Instagram Takeover is through, I am still using PicPac in the classroom as a means to give a glimpse of the learning taking place. You can see an example from Wayne Center Elementary where I worked with Mrs. Kuehnert’s kindergarten class using Hello Crayon, Chatterpix, and Google Drive. Primary students are so much fun!

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