Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Making Learning Fun with PicCollage

Brittany Banister is a kindergarten teacher at Vienna-Finley Elementary School in Scottsburg, IN. Brittany’s classroom has been 1:1 for two years with iPad minis. You can follow her on Twitter @KindergartenVF, Instagram @mrsbanisterskindergartenkids, or on her blog at http://iheartkindergarten.blogpost.com

Integrating technology in the kindergarten classroom can seem daunting on the surface, but in reality, even the youngest of students can use technology in effective and meaningful ways using simple apps.

In the two years of being 1:1 with iPad minis, my kindergarteners have a favorite digital tool even at five and six years old: The camera! Not only is it easy for kindergarten kids to use, it is also free. The camera is a tool that many may not consider when first thinking of purposeful ways to use technology, however, using the camera can be a great way for pre-readers and writers to express their thinking.

In our kindergarten classroom, we use the free app PicCollage to organize our thinking by using photographs. While PicCollage wasn’t created to be used in an academic setting, the possibilities are endless.
Yellow day
Blue day

PicCollage can be used in any subject. In math, students could use PicCollage to show their thinking. One of my favorite lessons using PicCollage is a measurement lesson where students sort and order objects from their art boxes from longest to shortest.

Measurement Activity
We love to get moving during lessons by going on scavenger hunts! PicCollage makes organizing materials simple.

States of matter sort
Students can also use drawings that are saved to their camera roll in PicCollage. Text can also be added to collages, making graphic organizers more appealing to students.

With PicCollage the possibilities are endless. Whether you teach kindergarten or high school, I am positive you will find this digital tool useful!

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